Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the lenders directories and access.

Q.  How many lender entries are in the directories?
A.  There are currently over 500 different financing sources in the directories including approximately 200 factors.

Q.  What other costs are involved in IACFB membership?
A.  IACFB Membership is a simple one-time fee of $10.00 plus $2.95 per month.  No other costs are involved although we strongly recommend the purchase of our training guide as an "add-on" ($30.00 with free shipping in the continental U.S.)

Q.  What additional training is available for factoring brokers at IACFB?
A.  You will find the guide comprehensive and a great place to start.  Additional advanced training and marketing support is available in Campus IACFB.  (more info)

Q.  How many factoring broker are currently members of IACFB?
A.  About 550

Q.  Are the lenders directories searchable and cross-referenced?
A.  the directories are searchable by category.  Each lender's specialty areas are listed.

Q.  I tried to sign up at the Broker Forums for access but could not?
A.  That is correct.  The Factoring Broker Forums are "Members Only" since the forums act as a gateway to the IACFB Learning Lab.  Once a member, your "permissions" are set up for Forum and Learning Lab access.  We do, however, allow non-members access as "Registered Guests" once they have taken our free 7-part "Crash Course" on factoring.